About Me






My name is Adam Kimber and I am a UK based RIBA Chartered Architect. I am also Registered as an Architect under the Architects Act 1997 through the Architects Registration Board in the UK.

I trained at the Universities of Bath, Edinburgh and London South Bank.

I have worked in several practices across the UK, in Bath, Edinburgh and London covering a wide range of projects from Ministry of Defence works, housing estate schemes through to new build individual houses, sustainable architecture and medical centres, in both public and private sector through varying procurement routes.

Currently I am leading a team working on a prestigious golf course, hotel and spa complex near London.

I have a strong interest in the arts, enjoying dabbling with playing various instruments and painting. I also enjoy visiting galleries and exploring art and sculpture with specific interests in the Futurism, Vorticism and Expressionism movements. I also enjoy photography. These pursuits are furthered in architecture with interests in the historic and contemporary built environment be it Art Deco buildings, ancient churches or castles, modern skyscrapers or the juxtaposition of the previous which piques my curiosity.

I have technical skills and proficiency in a variety of applications including advanced knowledge in AutoCAD, and proficiency in Photoshop, Sketchup, 3D Studio, NBS Building, Indesign, and Office products with working knowledge in Microstation, CorelDraw, Illustrator and Revit.