Curriculum Vitae

For further information regarding my experience, please see my Linked In profile. This also includes my skills and professional qualifications.

Adam Kimber
Associate at Colwyn Foulkes
London, United Kingdom | Architecture and Planning

I am a fully qualified Chartered Architect with over 12 years experience and have been in full time employment since university. I graduated from two of the top universities in the UK and obtained a post graduate qualification in professional practice to complete my architectural training.

I have extensive experience across many sectors of the Construction Industry. I am proficient in managing people and projects; able to meet deadlines and communicate effectively. I am also knowledgeable in the fundamentals of marketing, along with business strategy and economic principles.

I have worked in several practices in a variety of locations, including Bath, Edinburgh and London, covering projects from Ministry of Defence works, housing estate schemes through to new build individual houses, sustainable architecture and medical centres, in both public and private sectors through varying procurement routes.

My skills range from office management, client liaison, design team management, project management from initial conception to completion, including concept design, feasibility studies, space planning through to detailing and project implementation.

I have expertise in Technical Guidlines and Regulations, and have worked with, both the Scottish and English Building Regulations and Health Tecnnical Memoranda (Scotland), various Planning Authorities across England and Scotland.

I have a strong interest in the arts, a capable musician and artist, with interest in the Futurist, Vorticist and Expressionist movements.

Specialities: Advanced knowledge in AutoCAD with over 18 years of use, including CUI customisation, script writing and automation. I am also proficient in the following software packages, Photoshop, Indesign, Sketchup, 3D Studio, Revit, Access and other Office products.

Associate (2014 - Present)
Colwyn Foulkes
Privately Held, 11-50, Architecture & Planning

As an associate, I have managed colleagues on specific projects; assisted in the running of the practice; organised Continued Professional Development (CPD); managed Health and Safety and overseen Information Technology (IT). With CPD I reviewed the RIBA curriculum and liaised with external companies and consultants to provide a varied and interesting continued education for all the staff in the practice. My IT responsibilities included internal management and liaising with the external support company to ensure that we had the best system and software for the company. For Health and Safety I needed to ensure that the company was up-to-date with all current legislation.

Further to my responsibilities as an associate I have been working as part of a larger team on one of the major schemes in the practice. This hospitality and leisure scheme included a golf course, hotel, cookery school and underground maintenance facility. This scheme of over £30million involved work in a sensitive green belt environment and on a Grade II listed stately home. This building also had particular historic value so required a sensitive approach to its conversion. The projects I have worked on within this overall scheme ranged from small discreet pump houses for golf course irrigation through to the conversion of the stately home to a hotel.

Throughout this overall project I have liaised with consultants and contractors to ensure that the design was implemented correctly and that any changes would not compromise this design. This was also balanced against cost plans and the consequent Value Engineering the client wanted.

Since my role on the aforementioned project has completed I have worked on smaller scale projects and these have included a feasibility study of converting an office block into other uses, planning for a medium size block of flats and working with a developer on small-scale houses and flats including on-site liaison.