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Professional Bodies
  • Residential
    • including private houses small scale to high end; large blocks of flats and housing estate scheme planning
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Education
    • including primary and secondary schools
  • Health
    • including Primary Care Centres, GP practices and
  • Mixed Use
    • including retail / housing mix
  • Hospitality
    • including golf course, hotel and spa complex

Nested XREFs and layer states

If you use a system of drawing sheet and drawing model in your practice where both are seperate files and the sheets are…

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Hatching and XREFs

It appears that there is a fundamental flaw in AutoCAD where if you clip an XREF the information AutoCAD requires in order to…

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Retaining XREF Layouts

One of my colleagues was getting very frustrated with the XREF he was using, he had set up an XREF, turn off the…

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