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Site Design History & Versions—

Version 1 – 1999


My first website…. On retrospect it needed something else other than just the symbol in the middle. And forget about the ‘Start Page’ logo. This site was created using Pagemaker.

Version 2 – 1999


This was done when we had to design a webpage for one of the projects in the second year at Bath University. It was on this version that developed the circular ARK logo that would stay for several versions. (ARK is my initials BTW). Hence the addtion of architecural work. First time that I encoded the page from scratch using HTML.

Version 3 – 2000


This was really a combination of the first two sites, and my first play with mouse over icons.

Version 4 – 2001


I step back one version to version 2 of the website and combine the icons from 3 to create this version. The icons no longer mouse over as that became annoying.

Version 5 – 2002

Version 5 Intro
Version 5 Personal Page
Version 5 Architecture

It was at this point that I split my architecture site from my personal site. Keeping the style from version 4 for the personal site (middle) and using the new design for the architecture site (bottom) which was also used at this point for the introduction page (top).

Version 6 – 2002


Having had a flash animation on the site since version 1 i decided to have a go at an entire flash site, this site was quickly abandoned and i went back to a modified version of the previous design.

Version 7 – 2003


The personal site (middle) was revised to look similar to the architectural site (bottom). The version 5 personal page design was remade and used as the intoduction page (top).

Version 8 – 2004


The feeling was that the two dark sites were two heavy even when contrasted by introduction page, so again the personal page was revisited and a sleeker design (with a visit back to mouseover but more controlled) and a new logo (inspired by a ceratin sci-fi program i believe).

Version 9 – 2005


After having the same design of architecture site for several versions it was decided it required a revamp as it looked dated when compared to the personal pages. It was at this point I decided to start from scratch and combine the two sites again.  The next few versions are a development of this design idea. This was also the point at which I moved from embedded CSS code to an external style sheet.

Version 10 – 2006


My first real play with CSS in design control. Also included my only top menu I have ever used up until this point. I will go back to top menus in the WordPress version.

Version 11 – 2006


This design takes a few items from each of the last few websites, however directory structure changed and a background picture added. Centre position re-adopted from version 9.

Version 11.5 – 2007


Just a tweak really. Centre positioning removed and menu cleaned up.

Verson 12 – 2008


Re-implemtation of the left hand menu. The menu on 11.5 at higher resolutions looked lost and was therefore removed. The background image reversed to suit the revised menu position. Total revamp of all sub sites such as the Music section. All essays finally uploaded, portfolio works for the first time with all projects complete. Completed my transition from HTML 4 to XHTML 1 strict. Currently lacks image on right hand side but that was unforunately not implemented as the plan to do finer revisions was abonded, e.g.12.1, 12.2.

Verson 13 – 2009


First attempt at creating a content managed site (using a Content Management System).
This version was based on the CMS Made Simple code, however it was quickly discovered that this option was not ideal for my purposes.

Verson 14 – 2011


After abondaning the CMS Made Simple site my second attempt at a content managed site was to use Joomla. This was much closer to the template that i required. However the site was slow and was again eventually abandoned. I might revisit this as the code was improving a rapid pace.

Verson 15 – 2012

A revisit of the Version 12 design with an update of the content. Essays, lecture notes, sci-fi section and music sub-sites removed. Photographs section of site updated. Site reorganised with portfolio in mind rather than a general site. Revised CV uploaded.

Verson 16 – 2013


Site relocated to www.adamkimber.net with a brand new style. Move from Gallery version 1 to version 2 and the inclusion of movies in the links. Content updated and précised.

Version 17 – 2014

Site updated to WordPress, AutoCAD blog integrated. Started with standard theme then started to use Yoko theme.

Version 18 – 2016

This is still using WordPress but a new theme was chosen that reflected my previous design versions.

Version 19 – 2017

Version 19

Current Version. Changed to new theme.   Updated current work.

Version 20 – 2021

Version 20

Current Version. Updated content in Current Work, Added CV, modified theme and updated About Me content.