Reading FC training Centre

3d Studio Max render using advanced lighting and Mental Ray rendering. The animation takes a walk through a proposed Training Centre for Reading Football club. The brief was to construct a semi-temporary building that reflected various aspects of the Football Club and also the people training there.
The concept is that the entire building is the roof. This would give a temporary feel to the building and also an openness, in response to the brief. The roof would have lighting, cooling, electrics etc and was to control the lighting levels and temperature levels on the indoor pitch via a Building Management System. The building also expressed the structure, again in response to the brief. More information and drawings on this projects can be found here.

Portable Educational Cinema

Simple animation of the Portable Educational Cinema. My first foray into 3D Studio renders and animations. More on this project can be found here.

Edinburgh Fire Site Geology Museum

3d Studio rendered walkthrough of my proposal for a Geology Museum inspired by the Crags and the reshaping of cities by natural forces. Here earthquakes have reduced parts of the city to rubble creating standing stones and slip planes. The bridges have broken forming access down to the museum which is underground.

Water of Leith Log Jam Animation

Animation of the floating log jam of the river score that is part of my fifth year art installation project. More on this project can be found here.

Ferry Crossing to Skye

Ferry Crossing to Skye taken July 2009.