Flickering Update Again

Further to my previous post regarding renaming AecCore.crx, it has been suggested that this could break other things. A slightly “better” patch would be to copy the AecCore.crx from the 2013 install and place it into the 2014 folder. This does work and no visible breakage yet!

Our CAD support people have suggested that this patch is a reasonable temporary solution though they say if an update from AutoDesk arrives then you will need to revert back to the 2014 version of the AecCore.crx file before installing the update.

Also the CAD support people looking at this flickering issue with AutoDesk at the moment and I will let you know the outcome of that.

Another flickering update

It appears that changing AecCore.crx in C:Program FilesAutodeskAutoCAD LT 2014 to AecCore.crx.old or similar (in order to stop it working) fixes the flickering symptoms, making the program usable again. However this will most likely break something else as this file is an object enabler. The underlying issue appears to be with the new mapping feature (which makes sense as there is a greyed out map pin next to unrecognised when the bar flickers) and that is not working properly.

We all wait now for a Service Pack or Hot Fix for this from AutoDesk. Please check out this page regularly to see if the hot fix or service has been posted. I will update my blog when it arrives to see if it fixes the issue!

Flickering Update

As previously mentioned we updated the drivers to the latest ATI drivers for the Firepro and that seemed to stop the flickering. It however came back today. A restart of AutoCAD stopped it from flickering which is better than before as it was all the time.

On this forum post it has been suggested that network file access might be the issue. However its early days in troubleshooting!

AutoCAD LT Flickering

We have a rolling subscription in the office and one of the guys wanted to be the “guinea pig” for the new version of AutoCAD LT, 2014.

Install went OK but the status bar at the bottom of the screen kept flickering, with “unrecognised” coming and going.


We already had the certified driver installed and tired turning off hardware acceleration to no avail.

However so far this seems to have been solved with upgrading to the latest driver for the ATI Firepro V4900.

Hope this helps someone.