So, you want to draw revclouds and you draw one in one drawing and move to the next drawing and discover the arc length has changed. Why does revcloud arc length change across drawings you wonder?

Let me explain why they change.

The revcloud command arc length is a global value and stays set across all drawings. So why then does it change? It changes as this value is not as static as it should be as the arc length value is a multiple of the current dimension style.

What, you ask is the point of this? I have no idea. Help suggests that it is to keep consistency, I find it does the opposite. Maybe I am using it wrong?

For me this is annoying, especially if you like me put your revclouds on paperspace as paperspace is scaleless. Equally annoying is that this scaling also occurs with annotative dimension styles…

Whilst this is not really a solution at least it might help those who cannot fathom why their arc lengths in revclouds keep changing.

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