Rogue Layers

A colleague of mine had dropped in some blocks from an external source and found that they had two layers and wanted only one. They wanted to move all objects on one layer to another within the blocks.

Normally I would go about this, if there were no blocks involved, by using QSELECT. Then select the desired layer in the Ribbon and PURGE out the unused layer.

However as they are in blocks this does not work as the selection ignores the lines in blocks and just selects the blocks themselves. As we were after only specific lines in these blocks I was faced with exploding them all or some clever LISP.

However I discovered two commands that would not require LISP or lots of work! If you don’t want the layer LAYDEL should do the trick but the one that was really awesome was LAYMRG. This merged the two layers and purged out the unused one and kept all the blocks intact!

This can be found on the ribbon in the following location:


Layer Merge (LAYMRG) icon location
Layer Merge (LAYMRG) icon location

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