Rotate Angle for Manual Rotate

One of my colleagues just asked, where is the dynamic feedback for the rotate angle when using rotate.

I played with the setting for a bit and discovered that angular information is not available during rotate! How dumb is that?

There is a work-around though. Go to Drafting Settings (right click on OSNAP, OTRACK etc, they all bring up the same dialogue, just on a different tab) then go to POLAR TRACKING and set the Increment Angle to 1 and the Polar Angle measurement to last segment.

Polar tracking option for 360 degree angle feeback
Polar tracking option for 360 degree angle feedback

Now when rotating you will see 360 degree information, useful for rough rotates by eye.

Remember to change these back after your rotate command! Thinking about it, it is probably possible to turn this into a script and button so that you have a “Rough Rotate” command.


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